These groups are the perfect introduction to competitive swimming.  The month-to-month commitment groups allow young swimmers to learn how to stay healthy, compete fairly, be on a swim team, receive stroke technique and a taste of the sport without becoming "burned out" at a young age.

Swimmers must be 5-10 years of age and able to complete 50 yards unassisted of freestyle and backstroke with flip turn and demonstrate breaststroke and butterfly.  If a swimmer cannot yet demonstrate the above criteria we offer the best learn to swim curriculum available right in the same building through our Titan Swim Academy Lesson Program.

TITANS Start-Up Progression
The TITANS Start-Up group is designed to progress new competitive swimmers from one or two days per week practice sessions (TITANS Start-Up 1 & 2) to three days per week (TITANS Start-Up 3). TITANS Start-Up 3 are designed to prepare the swimmers to move to the Copper or Bronze Challenge group.